Our Prayer Concerns

God of Compassion,
Sustain those among us who need your healing touch.
Make the sick whole.
Give hope to the dying. 
comfort those who mourn.
Uphold all sho suffer in body or mind,
not only those we know and love
but also those known only to you,
that they may know the peace and joy of your suporting care;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen

Bill Barrett

April Browning

Larry Cline

Glen Conner

Taylor Finley

Margaret Conner

James & Debra Hall

Judy Hatfield

Shelena Canterbury Hill

Ernestine Maynard

Ruth Huber

Arnold Murphy

Nick Maroudas

Dalton Naranjo

Josh McCoy

Emma Murphy

Peggy Schuler

Pat Staten

Tom Schuler

John Thambi

Keith Staten

George Stepp

Chris Jessie

Todd Cassell

Cecil Varney

Vickie Fields

Michael Lee & Family

Mark Harlow

Brian Farley

Tanner Harr

Joe “Tarp” Grossl

Chris Wingard

Rebecca Layne

Jay Roberts

Jonna Banks

Pat Young

Daniel Russell

Vickie Rowe

Ancie Hatfield